Are you aware of all the most recent new trends in telecommunication?

There are many things which at present are simply part of our ordinary life, but simply ten years ago they would actually have been perceived as pure sci fi. What is next?

The transformation of the media industry, even in simply the last 10 years, has observed an extraordinary shift from conventional platforms, such as television, to online based channels, like streaming sites. The innovations in telecommunications industry need to maintain up with this trend, as the service providers’ customers anticipate to be able to access providers which require a great amount of data to function, practically from anywhere: from catching up on that television show on their bus commute, to adhering to the ongoing sports game at the workplace on their lunch break. Even the sector of advertising and marketing is adapting to this shift, as conventional formats like tv commercial breaks will soon be outdated.

The job sphere has surely seen a couple of modifications just in the last ten years. For example, working remotely is now even more attainable, as connections get faster, and data is no longer just stored in an internal physical server. One of the most innovative telecom products and services, countless companies provide so called “cloud” storage space, where the data is accessible from practically anywhere in the world with only the right credentials to acquire access. Figures like the Dropbox administration have actually observed optimistic trends, as firms move their data storage online, which permits them to engage across cities and even states without the need to travel to receive certain resources.

The thing which will likely shape the telecom industry trends in the next decade is the improvement of artificial intelligence solutions. As large tech businesses and manufacturers, like the members of the Ericsson’s partnership board, look at the potential paths that machine learning could be use as a way to be implemented in our daily lives, we can already observe a couple of manners in which it is becoming part of the mundane. For example, artificial intelligence assistants are starting to shape the notion of smart homes, and we are possibly familiar with the small virtual assistant present in our phone, where we can simply ask a question and a coherent answer will conform to with the relevant information.

Among the most talked about emerging trends in telecommunication sector is definitely what is referred to as the Internet of Things. This system that is able to link every gadget or machine is designed possible by the advancement of 5G connections, which discussed in events such as the Telecom Italia AGM. The future of telecommunications industry surely lies in the advancement of faster and more reliable networks, as things like remote surgery could become possible if the connection is trustworthy and immediate enough. With this, science-fiction concepts like self-driving cars could not be too far from being part of our usual daily lives.

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